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Editorial Tentpole FAQs

Editorial Tentpole Product for Blavity360º Publisher Partners

We are excited to announce our editorial tentpole calendar is live for all of our partner publishers!

Each quarter we’ll be announcing the cultural or trending news topics that are highly popular among our brand partners. Editorial content written on these topics will be sold to drive incremental revenue for any publishers. 

Find our FAQs below, and reach out to our account management team today if you have further questions.


Editorial Tentpole FAQs

Q: Are editorial tentpole articles the same thing as Sponsored Content?

A: No, Sponsored Content articles are written to promote something specific that an advertiser is offering or with a specific brand in mind.  Editorial tentpole articles are a gathering of organic content written by our team here at Blavity, and our valued publishers, all relating to the specific topics outlined here.  Blavity Sales will sell advertising with the understanding that the advertiser will only run on said content.

Q: How do I participate in the editorial tentpole initiative?

A: Just let us know which topics you will be covering (or if you will be covering all of the topics)!  You can reach out to your account manager to confirm participation.

Q: How will Blavity know which articles the advertisers should show up on?

A: Once you confirm participation with your account manager, we can provide guidance on how to move forward with the specific articles.


Q: How do I/should I promote editorial tentpole articles?

A: Yes, you should promote editorial tentpole articles exactly the same way you promote all of your fantastic content!

Q: What are the topics editorial tentpole articles should be focused on, and what does the schedule look like?

A: Please see the outline below:


  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month
  • Juneteenth
  • Summer Activities (vacation, BBQ, water sports, etc.)


  • Summer Activities (vacation, BBQ, water sports, etc.)


  • Black Business Month
  • Back to School/ College


  • Back to School/ College

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